Serie 2926.A - KILMA FUTURA

High efficiency insulation panel for dry installations.


Installation pitch 150 mm; coil circuit laying.

Suitable for floor, wall, ceiling and false ceiling installation.

Panel obtained from EPS 300 sheet, milled to allow piping to be laid, top coating with an aluminium layer.

Real size: 1175x750 mm

Usable floor area 0.88 m²

Product Family:



Dry system insulation panel - Installation pitch 150 mm

Code Useful Dim.
Insul. Th.
Heat Res. Pack Pack m² Pallet m²
2926.17.02 1175x750x17 17 0,265 10 8,80 114,40
2926.25.02 1175x750x25 25 0,587 5 4,40 79,20
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