Serie 3195 - Multimix

Multimix booster unit.


Wall-mounted hydraulic manifold for 2 or 3 zones for heating/cooling systems.

Black water-painted steel body.

Module supplied complete with EPP insulation casing (density 60 g/l) serving as casing and wall support of the whole mixing and booster unit.

Manifold can be transformed, as needed, into manifold/hydraulic separator by the manual opening of a shutter on the manifold (supplied in manifold/separator configuration).

1” M threaded connections from the heat generator. Connections on the user side with 1”1/2 F threaded unions.

Connection set-up for 3/4” F safety unit (delivery) and connection for 3/4” F expansion tank (return). Manifold can be coupled to RD25 - RF MIX25 - RM MIX25 modules.

Maximum operating pressure 6 bar

Maximum operating temperature 110 °C

Minimum cooling temperature 7 °C

Size lxhxp: 402x525x250 mm (2 branches) - 555x525x250 mm (3 branches)

Product Family:


Booster unit

Code Size Ways Pack Carton
3195.06.02 DN 25 2 1 1
3196.06.02 DN 25 3 1 1
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